KBK – USDT Trading competition on PancakeSwap & Win 2,00,00,000 KBK rewards

Koubek Crypto Project
3 min readOct 23, 2022

After the successful listing of Koubek tokens on PancakeSwap, the most popular Decentralized exchange on the Binance Smart Chain.

Koubek Tokens is pleased to announce a trading competition.

The top 10 traders will win a share of 2,00,00,000 KBK Approximately $3750!

The top 10 accounts with the highest trading amounts of KBK (buys + sells) on PancakeSwap will win a share of 2,00,00,000 KBK rewards

Top 1 = 35,00,000 KBK

Top 2 = 30,00,000 KBK

Top 3 = 25,00,000 KBK

Top 4 = 20,00,000 KBK

Top 5 = 15,00,000 KBK

Top 6 – 10 = 13,00,000 KBK each

The trading competition starts October 24th 19:45 UTC and ends: November 5th 2022 15:00 UTC


  1. How to trade KBK on PancakeSwap?

Answer : Go to https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?inputCurrency=0x55d398326f99059fF775485246999027B3197955&outputCurrency=0x6e9A1428798Ff011E2cF369b129630f686232784

Or select KBK by pasting the token address :


2. How to check my trading volume ranking?

Answer : Check your trading volume ranking on here : https://poocoin.app/tokens/0x6e9a1428798ff011e2cf369b129630f686232784

3. What are the Guidelines for Trading Competition?

  • Based on the trading volume for the USDT-KBK pool on Pancakeswap
  • Trading volume including buying + selling
  • BONUS: additionally, depending on trading volume of the Top 10 traders, there are additional incentives per account based on trading volume as follows:
  • $200K – $1MM: 0.22% additional in KBK
  • $1MM – $3MM: 0.25% additional in KBK
  • 3M ~ : 0.3% additional in KBK


1 – When will the rewards be sent?

You will receive the rewards within 48h from the end of the competition.

2 – Is there a lock up period for the rewards?

There is no lock up period. The KBK you receive will be unlocked.

3 – Will the rewards be Fiat or KBK BEP20 tokens?

The reward will be sent in KBK BEP20 on the BSC. You will receive them in the same wallet.

About Koubek Project :

Koubek Project is Asia’s 1st Web 3.0 Education ecosystem for Educators, Content creators & students.

Koubek Project serves as a utility token for Web 3.0 Education ecosystem with Koubek as a utility token for blockchain powered E-Commerce platform, Metaverse Edtech companies, NFT Based certificates, P2E Edutainment game, Defi Wallet & much more.

Koubek Token will be a foundational base for the learning of new skills/ programs leveraging Blockchain technologies. Koubek aims to revolutionize the Edtech, DeFi, E-Commerce & Creator Economy.

Unlike Web 2.0 Education, Koubek Project democratise learning across the age group & demographics with Koubek as a utility token for Education ecosystem. beyond Education, E-Commerce & P2E Games,

Koubek Project aims to launch native blockchain which will enable students activities, achievements & records in blockchain in NFTs.

Koubek Project interconnects Metaverse and Blockchain technologies. With Koubek as the cornerstone, Koubek ecosystem contains an Learning in Metaverse with NFT Traded materials & certifications.

Koubek Project provides the infrastructure and POS consensus mechanisms for Future training. These interconnected ecosystems accelerate the development of Web3, DeFi, E-Commerce & Metaverse.

First use case of Koubek Token : store.koubektoken.com is the first use case of Koubek Educational Ecosystem, a Blockchain powered E-Commerce platform using unique AI-based learning mechanism & certification with Koubek Token. Koubek AI Marketplace offers Future Digital Skills Programs and Certification with the goal of becoming the one-stop-shop for Blockchain powered E-Commerce platform.

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Koubek Crypto Project

Koubek Crypto Project is Asia’s 1st Education Metaverse Crypto Project