Koubek Announces launch of highly anticipated Decentralised Crypto Wallet

Koubek Crypto Project
4 min readApr 11, 2022

Asia’s leading Education Metaverse Crypto Project — Koubek Crypto has finally ended the wait for its decentralised crypto wallet launch. Koubek Crypto announced that as per their project white paper — Crypto wallet is launched before the scheduled plan & its open for all existing & future crypto assets holders

Koubek Crypto gives access to its users full featured crypto wallet

In a follow-up Official release — Koubek Crypto detailed that the wallet enables receiving Koubek Crypto cryptocurrencies & all the leading crypto currencies traded on the exchange. Investors now not need to downloaded third party wallet app like trust wallet, metamask etc & setup Koubek crypto token now. The goal of developing the feature is to make crypto investment as easy as possible, Raj Padhiyar, Promoter of the Koubek Crypto said.

The release also highlighted features that would make using the wallet easy and intuitive. These include a Choosing Wallet currency, Buying Crypto with INR, Wallet balance in INR, Transferring wallet balance, Deposit & sending crypto, Restoring wallet with private keys & more and a dashboard to monitor transactions and see the estimated dollar/INR value of transactions.

Raj also disclosed that Koubek Crypto is now working on launching NFT Marketplace

Meanwhile, the wallet feature first went into testing for 200 users in march 2022 under the Koubek Crypto Wallet Beta Testing Program,

However, the current update is not available for users in some select countries due to local regulations.

Before now, the Koubek Crypto announced the backing of WWE Star & Olympic Gold medalist — Kurt Angle in support of Koubek Crypto Project highlighting its fundamentals, vision, use cases, growth & its future.

How to access & use Koubek Wallet?

Step 1 — Click on pay.koubektoken.com & you’ll see screen like shared below

You can import your trust wallet/meta mask wallet here by clicking “restore from 12-word seed” or create wallet with “Koubek Token” or any other crypto currency. In any case — if you have bought Koubek token in the past & stored your balance in trust wallet/metamask -your funds are ABSOLUTELY SAFE & SECURE.

Step — 2

If you’re restoring your trust wallet/meta mask wallet — Paste your 12 words secret key (IMP — Never EVER share your secret key with anyone).

Step — 3 — Click on Wallet currency (In our case — Koubek Crypto) & proceed ahead

Step — 4

Once the wallet setup/restoration done — You’ll see Dashboard of Koubek Wallet.

You clan click on take a tour of the platform to understand all its features.

Step 5 — Access your Wallet Balance

Step — 6 — Buy Koubek token with Fiat currency

Step — 7 — After payment -

Get your Koubek Wallet ID by clicking on “Copy Address” & share with the team to receive Koubek tokens in the wallet

Koubek Crypto has not been the only company to announce a significant crypto wallet launch this week. At the Bitcoin 2022 conference, Jack Maller’s Strike announced strategic partnerships with e-commerce giant Shopify, the world’s largest point-of-sale supplier NCR, and payments firm Blackhawk. This is the simple process for wallet setup & receiving crypto in tour decentralised crypto wallet.

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Koubek Crypto Project

Koubek Crypto Project is Asia’s 1st Education Metaverse Crypto Project