Why Bitcoin is crashing in 2022 & What you should do now? What lies ahead for Koubek Project?

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4 min readJun 17, 2022

Will BTC will go beyond $20,000 , Will American Rates hike will have impact on Crypto Industry? Will Recession kill Crypto Market?

After years of experience in analysing crypto market, this is by far the most important information we’ve found for anyone investing in crypto and alt-coins like Koubek Token for some reason we very rarely see it mentioned

“The bitcoin halving”

This is what the previous bitcoin market cycles have ALL been based around

This is an event that happens roughly every 4 years and essentially halves the rewards given to miners causing an inherent increase in demand as the cost of mining a bitcoin doubles.

Why this doesn’t get talked about more often is something we really don’t understand

The reason crypto doesn’t just go up forever is because markets are cyclical

The markets are cyclical because eventually, everyone who was going to buy, has

And then the most money to be made is to the downside

We don’t care how many times we hear Blackrock, India Crypto Tax, Microsoft Google, PayPal, Visa, Elon Musk, China, El Salvador, John McAfee bulls*it

BTC(and every other Alt-coin market …)has always followed a pattern


(Slow sideways low volatility market for 3–6 months at the lows) this always starts about 12 months before the bull run

2.Mark up (bull market) usually starts about 6 months before the halving

3.Distribution (where the sellers start re entering the market, you can spot this through volume)

Usually about 1 year after the halving

4. Mark down phase (this is where we’re at now) — where retail traders keep anticipating the bottom and getting sh*t on over and over again until we get closer to the halving

Then back to accumulation

After a huge sentiment killing bear market, BTC & other alt-coin market will sit in a low volatility sideways accumulation zone at the lows as the Big Investors/Crypto Whales scoop as much BTC as they can for as little as possible.

(This gives you PLENTY of time to position)

It doesn’t make sense for them to just run the market straight up because then the Big Investors/Crypto Whales need to pay more for their BTC.

In order for them to keep BTC at them lows they need to kill retail sentiment beforehand so that retail doesn’t rush into the market and drive prices up before they’re ready to run BTC up.

The way they do this is by doing exactly what we’re seeing now

“BTC has never gone under previous cycles ATH, 200 weekly MA, BTC will bounce back again etc etc etc”

So buyers rush in at these levels just to get crushed again

Then they’ll do the same thing at 15k

And probably the same thing once again at 10k

This is to disenchant retail buyers like you, kill sentiment and elude to the fact that once again “crypto is dead”

After the market has been driven down so hard that the majority of investors lose interest (and money) then the Big Investors/Crypto Whales will start accumulating at the lowest prices possible

This will only happen once the majority of retail has stopped providing liquidity on the other side of the trade for the Big Investors/Crypto Whales to sell into

In other words, we need to get SO low that no one wants to touch BTC anymore

THEN, we get close to the halving and enter a mark up phase.

After the halving BTC will then cost more to mine and so it provides the perfect catalyst to start pushing up the market

The markup phase is when the market starts to run up hard, regaining retail traders attention and positive news articles etc

Anyway there’s a little bit more to understanding liquidity and institutional positioning but most of you don’t really care about any of that


Be real, you didn’t buy Dogecoin, Shiba Innu or Cumrocket because you’re “in it for the tech”

The way you make money out of this is very simple

Markets work in phases and these are actually very easily identifiable

there are 4 phases


Mark up


Mark down

Accumulation generally has 3 sub phases




If you’re worried about trying to catch a falling knife then you just need to wait for the first leg of expansion and enter in the reaccumulation zone

These accumulation zones are very easily identifiable because they’re low volatility, low volume, sideways ranges at the bottom of a massive move down

You’ll know when BTC is in an accumulation phase because 95% of this group will cease to be active or only pop their head in to tell you how much of an idiot you are

This shows you maximum pain is here and is the perfect time for the big boys to accumulate

Below is a chart we have made at the start of this market cycle showing how you can identify the structure to see where we’re at

As you can see, we haven’t even started to enter an accumulation phase we’re still very much in the “bear market” mark down phase

You’re not missing anything

Relax and start investing in ICO of the quality crypto project which holds huge future & can explode once bull market begins.

And Yes — before anyone says ”no one can pick a bottom”

Koubek Project did :)

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